Cell Phone Hacking Software for Android Devices

Android hacking

Smartphones running the Android Operating System (OS) are among the most popular on the globe. The open source nature of Android probably contributes a lot to this popularity. Thus, parents oftentimes chose to buy these smartphones for their children and employers prefer them when buying cell phones to issue to their employees.

However, these expensive devices can be used for mischief or misdeeds without cell phone hacking software running on them. Children, employees, and even spouses oftentimes do things behind your back but cell hacking products help you get to the truth about these matters.

Read further and see the why and how about cell phone hacking software for Android.

Why Do You Need this Software?

The opening alluded to those who need cell phone hacking software which are parents, employers, and spouses. However it didn’t tell much about why it is needed other than to detect mischief or misdeeds on the part of the monitored Android phone’s user.

Here are just a few reasons why you as parent, employer, or spouse would need a cell phone hacking product on the phone of those whom you care about or are responsible for:

  • Teenagers oftentimes lie about their true location when away from home
  • Employees also lie at times about their location when out of the office
  • Both teenagers and employees sometimes like to waste time using apps and the internet on their Android devices
  • Teenagers communicate with friends, strangers, and acquaintances who are only trouble
  • Cheating spouses tell all sorts of lies about their whereabouts and activities

There are other reasons but as you can see the pattern follows someone you look after not being honest with you.

It is cell phone hacking software on an Android smartphone that will reveal the truth to you because it acts as a spy on all of the user’s activities such as calls made, GPS locations, text messages exchanged, websites browsed, and photos/videos taken.

Cell Phone Hacking Products Available

There are many cell phone hacking apps for Android available on the market today. Common features among them include capabilities to:

  • Log all incoming/outgoing calls sourced to/from the device
  • Track GPS locations of the device in both real-time and historical modes
  • Send the full text along with date/time and contact information of SMS, email, and instant messenger (IM) texts to the subscriber’s control panel
  • Deliver photos and videos taken on the monitored Android device to your control panel for viewing
  • Listen to the phone’s surroundings or even take a secret photo of the environment from the monitored device via a subscriber control panel command
  • Control the Android device remotely (lock the phone, wipe its contents clean, remove the cell phone hacking app, etc.)

Some cell phone hacking software names include Mobile Spy, mSpy, StealthGenie, PhoneSheriff, SpyBubble, MobiStealth, and more.

All of them provide the basic operations but each has its own pricing strategy where higher-priced subscriptions give you all the advanced features that the individual product has to offer.

How Do These Products Work?

Cell phone hacking software products for Android work based on a simple data flow concept that includes the following:

  1. Cell phone hacking app silently (A.K.A., “stealth”) records activities on the monitored smartphone
  2. At the predetermined update interval, the collected data is sent to the product vendor’s servers for storage and indexing for the later viewing by the subscriber
  3. Subscriber is given access to a control panel where all information can be viewed and analyzed
  4. The subscriber (sometimes called the administrator) can send a set of commands to remotely control the phone or change settings on its cell phone hacking app (commands vary by vendor)

Many of these vendors also provide a facility for exporting data collected at the control panel for offline backup or for importing into other reporting apps such as Microsoft Excel.

Allowing the App on the Android Device

Cell phone hacking software for Android devices is not something that is purchased from the Google Play Store or what the developers of the OS refer to as “non-Market” sources.

Considering this, the vendors of these cell phone hacking products will need you to make a setting change to allow installation of apps from “unknown sources.” All you need to do is go to “Settings”, “Applications”, and then check the box labeled “Unknown sources.”

It’s up to you to make sure that you know the truth about those whom you look after or care for. Start checking out the various vendor websites and chose the cell phone tracking software that suits your needs.